Waiting in vain

Scared, i told you I was scared.

Guess you didn’t care,

You drove even faster,

And then slower—then you stopped.

In this snow-filled endless path.

Shivering, i told you I was shivering.

But you didn’t listen.

Deep sigh released, seatbelt unfastened.

You opened the door, then you said something;

“Leave”, you asked me to leave.

I was stunned, now what should I believe?

A promise—you promised you would stay,

“I will be with you no matter what”, all those years you say.

Why then are you leaving me this way?

I was angry and I still am—everyday.

Each time it snows, I remember that day.

The day you left me alone, now I’m full of disdain.

Though deep in my heart, I still hope and pray.

Wishing you would come back to me again.

But I’m scared… baby, I’m scared again.

What if I’m only waiting in vain?


A million thanks to my dear friend, Lloyd who captured this exceptionally beautiful photograph above that he took in his hometown in West Virginia (if I’m not mistaken) several hours ago. I had to borrow it from him ’cause just by merely staring at it, ideas within me are provoked to burst out effortlessly. Click the link below (or his name above) should you want to witness incredible form of art and photography. See it for yourself. 🙂



      1. I’m sorry it is non of my business, its just that you mentioned recently some hardships and loss plus you have a way of capturing your posts as it was happening right there right now. Just worried for a friend if I’m allowed to say that.

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      2. Yea ofcourse, that’s so sweet of you. Well, honestly it was the other way around. I was the one who left and kind of feeling some sense of guilt. I wrote this poem thinking of them words he had said.

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      3. But we have no snow in my country so it’s partly fiction lol it’s just what came out of my heart when I looked at Lloyd’s photo that I borrowed from him 😊


      4. Hahaha 🤣 Psychoweirdo is nothing but pure fiction! Lol. I’m her exact opposite, really. Haha 😆


      1. A small post is up giving a synopsis of the story. I’ve had many bloggers entering mid-stream, so it’ll bring you up to date on my fiction–in which Akira is just a part. Dream Big, Apple Rae!

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      2. Where you been? I got tired of reading it, but I’m writing another “Akira” post (just for you) and I’ll put them both up if interested. (You deserve a synopsis of my fiction novel since you entered late. It may inspire you to continue writing your own fiction novel with PsychoWeirdo. You have talent. Develop it. Publish.)

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      3. Hi George, was busy with work I got drained I even haven’t slept good for these past days. Anyway, I honestly feels like my works are totally crap but your words uplift me to keep on writing. Yes please put them both up so I can read it. 😊 thank you!!!

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  1. Wow!!! This part especially: ” Shivering, i told you I was shivering.
    But you didn’t listen.
    Deep sigh released, seatbelt unfastened.
    You opened the door, then you said something;
    “Leave”, you asked me to leave. ” This is great imagery at work here. Also, it’s the way the poem ends that makes the reader think.. Why, even after going through such pain does the writer still wait for the heartless other?

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    1. Hi Jay, thank you for appreciating this piece. Means a lot to me. Well, it was because the one he loves left without explaining the reason, it’s still an enigma to him, so he hopes that for no reason as well, that person might come back to him ☺️ and because, love? You know? Love makes people hopeful despite the pain it has caused them 😊


  2. I don’t know what hurts more in life, waiting to try and forget about someone that left or forgetting to wait for someone who left. Because if someone walks out after you’ve given yourself to them, what are you waiting for? I loved this piece lovely, I love all you do but this was lovely because it was written with hope but like I said, I looked at it two ways. Hope of getting back or hope of moving on and bettering themselves. It’s funny how certain seasons can trigger certain memories isn’t it, and you pointed that out which I love that about you, your detail to things!❤️. Never grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.😊🃏. Lovely post as always my beautiful souled friend.

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    1. Hi Roy, I’m sorry I guess I overlooked your comment omg lol anyway I’m always so pleased with your comments because you understand all my works all the time. Thank you for this in depth review. You are right with it. ♥️♥️

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  3. The photo made me want to put on my warmest clothes and boots and walk down that highway and be surrounded by the beauty of the landscape that with out snow would not be so pretty. As for your words…they are beautiful without snow.


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