Over-flawed skin, pure strength within


She perused all her parts,

there she saw a woman full of scars.

Scars that mirror the wars she fought

and flaws naturally scattered in all sorts. 


No filter could fit, to really cover them zits

But don’t you know she’s loved for it?

Loved for these scars she can never delete.


A manifestation of absolute valour,

with her vibrant eyes focused on the colours

she never capitulated though odds weren’t in favour.

Battled ’til the end, despite carrying no armour.


She’s truly a woman with an “over-flawed” skin,

but such, with pure strength within.




  1. Lovely🌹🌹. You and I would make the ultimate team in writing, we think alike on so many levels.😉. 🍎 and 🃏, coming to a book near you!! This was a lovely ode and you are gorgeous, flaws are what makes us unique and everyone is. I must say you are an hour past beautiful and your poem is a quarter past lovely. To call out what you see and make them your strengths is pure adorable. This belongs side by side with my poem.❤️❤️

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    1. Hi Eliza! Thank you! Not familiar with the song tho hehe happy weekend too! I hope you don’t mind me asking, but from which country are you btw?

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  2. Ah, those scars are merely the seams of life’s tapestry. They mark the boundaries of our memories, phases, adventures, hopes, and dreams let go. But, one only notices the beautiful scene of the tapestry and the invitation to connect with the story told by each colored thread. Thank you for dropping by Apple. I like it here. Hope you don’t mind if I wander around.


    1. This is one of the most profound comments Ive heard so far. Thank you! And I don’t mind if you wander around. Hope you enjoy what you read tho lol

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  3. I miss writing since I’ve been reading your blog.
    words and poetry are not enough to express myself but I gotta learn how to use them from you.

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  4. Here is the reality of this piece for me. I have a grand daughter, senior in college who has battled with very flawed skin, not just zits but cysts that turn into huge sore that will leave scars. She has gotten so much better due to some medicine but her scars remain. She is the most wise hearted courageous young women I know. She stay her course in high school, college, tried new thing, made new friends. She could have hidden herself away but did not. How she would have loved your skin, anyone skin but her own but owned the skin she had to live in and live she has. She is truly beautiful inside, kind, not bitter over her issue, loving, has even become more out going through her trial, she is pure strength within. Blessings.


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