When the sad girl writes..

“She likes the calming sound of the nib against the flawless surface of the sheet.

She likes it because somehow, through this, she’s at an interim peace.

Letting it all out as her words make love to each other to form an offspring—words that came from the innermost cuts of pain; and of profound sorrow and unknown faces of fear.

She’s sad, always has been.

A sad girl who writes effortlessly, because words naturally come out, stuffed with sincerity.

She’s not happy—a fact she’s not afraid to admit.. but when the sad girl writes, everybody nods and acquiesces.. that it’s a masterpiece.”


Disclaimer: I’m not the sad girl I’m talking about in this piece. Lol 😝 just trying to be poetic here.. ♥️


  1. Loved this and it was written with poetic feeling. Being a Joker, my favorite card is sometimes “laugh now, cry later” so I can relate. You may not be the sad girl but she resides in everyone and she does bring out the best in our writing at times because poetry is 10 percent art and 90 percent heart. Your description fit almost every person that picks up a pen lovely and that’s awesome and very poetic. I love a person who takes emotion and slams them on the paper, I relate to them….the connection is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading this and your choice of art depicts her feeling as well. Well done lovely…you get a card and a rose!! 🌹🃏

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    1. Laugh now cry later is good! And you are right about the 10% art and 90% heart. Thanks for this lovely comment, Roy. Truly appreciate it. ☺️

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  2. “Letting it all out as her words make love to each other to form an offspring—words that came from the innermost cuts of pain; and of profound sorrow and unknown faces of fear.” OMG Apple. This was my favorite part. It was so sensual and sublimely poignant.

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  3. I’m glad you’re not the sad girl in this post, Apple.

    You write so well and the character seems so real, that I as reader somehow thought it was autobiographical or at least semi-autobiographical.

    As someone who’s fought a lifelong battle with depression, I hate to see other people sad.

    Because I know the Hell that lies in constant melancholia.

    I also love the same sentence that Hyperion loved.

    It was a powerful and sublime form of the most beautiful poignant prose.

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    1. Aw thank you, Dracul. I’m so glad you have won over depression, how did you do it? I always admire people who have fought these types of phase in life and came out waaay stronger than before, so kudos to you!

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      1. Thanks very much, Apple. ☺

        I didn’t know I had clinical depression until I arrived in Calgary two years ago from Vancouver.

        I found a doctor who was intelligent enough to figure out I had it.

        She prescribed a mild form of antidepressant which seems to be working and also recommended that I engage in physical exercise more.

        So I do a lot of walking.

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  4. Ah! Bravo Apple! Bravo! The photo and poetry went so well together.. Just the right number of words and just the right words too.. Sounded kind of ‘glamourous’.. I could almost imagine a girl like the psychowierdo (who I so like to follow on your blog btw)..a twisted.. Sad girl like her .. sitting down to write in a hotel room after She’s done with the men she’s pursuing and is all alone by herself.. Nothing but her empty.. Dark.. Sad thoughts..Just Sipping soctch neat.. And writing…Great work!!

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    1. I’m glad you were able to think of The Psychoweirdo in this poem, awesome thoughts! Thanks Jay. I haven’t written that much tho so I need to catch up. I also need to pay your site a visit, missed the dose of inspiration from your words.

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      1. Thanks a lot for visiting Apple. Always a pleasure having you over and I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your writing. You’re doing great. Keep it up. 😉

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      1. Same with me but I’m steppin’ it up. You missed a post…but more by Thursday…it’s all about Akira for awhile…by popular demand. Your little Instagram showing your cute fingernails typing was cute!

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      2. Oh nooo i missed a chapter 😭 i need to catch up, Thursday it is! Thanks George. I finally have written a new post as well. After a week of being away lol

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  5. There is no way to have real wisdom without walking in some sadness. Jesus Himself was sad when the disciples went to sleep instead of standing guard. God understands sad the best. When I need counsel I have a few friends who understand sad and pain and suffering. I have watch them deal with more then anyone should ever have to handle, yet they would say to you…I get that…I have lived that, I am living that right now yet I must go on for my own sake and the sake of others. Lovely, thoughtful post and I am glad this is not you but I would bet you have been this way before. Blessings.

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    1. Aw. Thank you for your wisdom. You are indeed wise with a big heart. I’d like to think you’ve been through a lot of experiences that made you the woman that you are today. I admire you for that, so much.


  6. Awww! Really loved this, Apple!!! I love that you put yourself in another’s place and point of view!! I have fun sometimes writing from different viewpoints too! Bellissimo, Apple, Bellissimo!!

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