This one’s for you


Promise me… that you will prove them wrong.

That the cuts they’ve left in your skin will be replaced with works of art that will inspire millions.

That no matter what happens, you will be dressed with a character your mother had always reminded you to wear.

And please promise me, to never lose “you” while you heal. 

Because sometimes things won’t go as planned and you might be left behind.

And despite this inexorable fight, promise me you will never lose faith in yourself, that you’ll never cease from walking, for there’s no need to run.

You just got to live. Live and have fun.

You’re too young to be thinking too much. 

The world is full of chaos but you’ve got to remain calm.

The star within you will shine bright when the time comes, 

And it will come, I promise you.. it will come.


  1. YEEESSSSS! I hear the Tigress roar in these lines. The cuts turned to an inspirational art, always dressing in a noble character as mother reminded. Each line is powerful; there is hope, introspection, and courage. This is the artist I see. And I love the image of the woman with the sunset reflecting in her hair. It goes very well with your poem. What a moment that must have been.

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      1. Haha awesome! So who’s your favourite GOT character, Hyperion? I wonder… Your love for dragons was inspired by George RR Martin, right?

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      2. My favorite character in GOT was Dany Targaryon because she is a true Dragon Master. My first true love of Dragons was the Chinese Dragons pre-Manchu eras. I’m a huge fan of the Tao and IChing Yin and Yang. But GOT does dragons like nobody else. 🤩. My blog was named Return of Dragons as a wink to the Asian Dragons. I used to pretend I had a pet dragon when I was a boy. His name was Willy Nilly and he was always getting into mischief. He liked to chase dragon flies and he was hell on the neighbor’s cat. My mother once told me if Willy Nilly stole any more cookies that she would spank me and I could take it to Willy. The cookies were safe for a while after that. 😄

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      3. Hahaha Willy Nilly! Love the name! Great story. I think dragons are one of the most clever creature, i reckon you can train them as a pet like a dog too haha. Would be so sick if they still exist 💯

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      4. LoL 😂 I still entertain the thought of having Willy Nilly follow me around like a loyal companion. I was told that Dragons are like wild creatures but they can be befriended and loyal but will always remain a fierce creature when provoked. I do like the idea. It’s like having a lion or wolf as your friend, you just have to make sure you don’t look like lunch when they are hungry. It would be cool if they existed somewhere like the Kimodo Dragons. I hear they will behave if they get used to you. It’s that period of getting used to you that is a bit sketchy 😬

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    1. Haha cracked me up 🤣 I don’t think I’m THAAAT good tho, you know what I mean? Anyway, thank you for being here. You also promised me a story, don’t forget haha

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  2. “Never cease from walking, there is no need to run”, I loved this line. I loved the whole thing of course but this line was just a symbolism that things are going to go your way as long as you take your time, patience brings prominence. A very motivational build yourself up from scratch story, a lovely write Apple.🌹🌹

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    1. That is so true. I have to remind myself of this line too because I have this natural tendency to run, metaphorically speaking. Thanks Roy, I’ve missed your presence in my blog. 🤗

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