Believe me, it’s there..

Life could sometimes be confusing, throwing you a bunch of questions in your face that forces you to impatiently seek for answers—heedless of the odds that it’s just there, beating for the light you may have overlooked, speaking for what God wants you to do. A heart that speaks of love and faith has never failed, never. Believe me, it’s just there. ♥️


      1. I am totally in love with my deep eccentricities and one of my favorite things to do is smile and see the beauty of life in the dark and light of the human spirit. And of course, you shine brightly, Apple. 🌞😎

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  1. I know it’s there lovely, hope isn’t the only thing that floats. You can’t see air but it’s there and so are all answers to problems. Faith is something you hold onto, because if you believe it you can achieve it. I love this post because it’s so true and so you lovely. Keep spinning the world like you do.🌏

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      1. No problem Apple, always happy to read you lovely and give you my thoughts, you know that.🌹. Love this post, straight from the heart and that’s what I like. You also rock!! 😉


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