The art of balance

Recently, I was at my peak state. Highly energetic, full of life and almost always passionate with the work I’m doing. Too hectic that I didn’t find the time to write. There were times, however, that I decided i would write, but it seemed as though my muse weren’t in the mood to show up. Thus I didn’t come looking for it. I gave in to the chaos in my head—put the pen and paper aside and ignored the voices in my head that wanted to be written and be heard.

My problem is, i am currently obsessed. I say “obsessed” because i want to put emphasis on the fact that it’s REALLY bad. I am getting too obsessed with winning that all i get to think of was that goal. My mind became restless. My boyfriend even told me the other night that i came to a point where i sleep-talk, murmuring some things about work—and that’s where it hit me.

Though it’s true, that there’s nothing wrong about working so hard and focusing on a goal and getting all things done and believing that you will achieve it and actually making it happen but the question is—are you progressing? Am I progressing? The answer is NO. I am not growing because I don’t get to enjoy the process of winning because all i care about was getting it. My Reticular Activating System has overruled and programmed me well enough to focus on that goal that the rest of what used to matter a lot, started to matter less and lose its significance.

And that’s where the problem comes in. It’s when you wallow yourself in with long hours of work, thinking day and night of how to achieve the desires of your heart that you tend to forget how to pause and be grateful. We need to treat ourselves of some REAL kind of rest where you would stop stressing yourself out about your goals and targets and dreams and just about anything that drives you mad. It’s okay to be crazy and to be passionate and to be focused but hey, don’t forget to recharge your batteries. Don’t drain yourself too much and have some fun. I’m writing this at 2am as a note to myself with hopes that it will serve as a wake up call to all of you out there who’s been working so hard. I salute you. But please, don’t forget to take a break and learn to master the art of balance.


  1. Hyperion says:

    I am so glad to hear from you Apple. At exactly 2:00 am your time, I was wondering if you were swallowed up by life and taken from us. And suddenly, an explanation appeared in my WP reader. Wise words here. I don’t mind working hard as long as I am getting somewhere. Working to keep my busy mind engaged ultimately leads me to that point where I have to shut down and recharge, as you say. Muses are quiet little rascals. Sometimes we need to be quiet and still to hear their voice. When we are young and our bodies and mind strong, we can take limitless punishment. As we grow older, the punishment takes longer to recover. This is the time of deep regrets; the could have beens, the dreams unanswered, the places unseen, and the friends and family gone from our lives. Regret is a sharp sadness and only acceptance can dull the pain and stop the flow of blood from the razor cuts of our life. Work hard for the right things and never put busy over love of self, friends, and family. It is better to look back on beautiful memories with a full heart than the awful ache of regret. Just my opinion of a life lived far beyond the boundaries of imagination. Big hug and welcome back. You were missed.

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  2. Welcome back. Wonderful to hear from you. Hope all is well.
    Yes, balance is everything in life.


  3. George F. says:

    OMG a child shall lead us.


  4. Very wise advice.

    *HUGS* for you, Apple.


  5. George F. says:

    You’re motivation is infectious. Just what I need actually.


  6. I understand this. It’s totally fine I guess.The important thing is you understand the mystery of time more properly now.
    Love to you.Take care!


  7. Very good advice. Your talent and creativity is still there. All you need to do is catch a breath and let the flow catch up with you again.
    I have missed seeing your posts.


  8. I love this. Keep it UP 🤗


  9. It’s important to hit the pause button to recharge the battery in finding ourselves. After all, we are seekers in this journey of life. Your reflection resonates with me.


  10. velvetscreams says:

    Hey apple!…its been long i saw your amazing posts😖


  11. its a really hard to achieve – the balance…between work, sleep, food and entertainment. But as you said – breaks matter. rest matter. we matter. I take breaks quite often – as soon as I feel ‘NUFF I’m done’ ..😂
    and hey, I love my breaks, they are the best part of any work haha


  12. The Count Gustaf says:

    II’m always on a break I NEED TO WORK

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  13. Issa Dioume says:

    Interesting lesson.


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