Don’t read this if you’re highly sensitive

This day felt like a day of survival. A day of waiting for the sun to set so it can rise again tomorrow. Such a paradox really but earlier i was getting a little impatient, yet again. Things don’t seem to be working. Walking along this path that has little to no form of lighting. It’s too dark but holding on tight with this wand of faith handed to me by God when He instructed me to go to this direction. My grip is tight, a bit afraid that it slips off my hand. ‘Cause it’s the only thing I have that keeps me going. To look past the limits of my eyes, to search beyond the unsearchable and to try to grasp the shaky uncertainty that tests me.

Should i keep moving or should i go back? What if there’s nothing in there? What if I’m just wasting my time? What if my intuition was wrong? What if this isn’t really where I’m supposed to be? Will there be light if i kept on walking or am I just fooling myself?

These are my everyday questions. My everyday eerie movie. My everyday battle against the demons in my head that are seemingly obsessive. Well, maybe the rollercoaster effect is to blame. The highs and lows of the ride that give the same amount of shitty feeling. The seesaw syndrome of my extremity. Of my duality that makes and then breaks me. It’s just, hard—To live in the present moment. To just be. But I’m trying. God knows I’m trying. But sometimes the pushing to be present hurts. Maybe because it requires of force. Not like a normal gravitational pull like how i am with my writing, with my words, with the world i create out of my imagination. But I’m not allowed to stay there for long. I HAVE TO stay in the present reality.

And I guess there would really be times like these where I couldn’t get my shit together and that I have to push things. And I think this rythym of pushing with so much force will never stop hurting if I don’t stop trying to control things the way i want it. And hell, I know this already, don’t I? Why do i keep on doing the same old shit?

Earlier i thought to myself: this transformation journey sucks. It fucking hurts. The breaking of old patterns just so i can be better. The changing of habits just so i can be consistent. The allowing of things to unfold at the right time so i can be patient. The loving myself first so I can love others more. The building of self-worth so I won’t be needing of validation from other people anymore. And the fucking slowing down and the fucking details! It sucks. It hurts. But it’s essential for my growth. And it’s all for my highest good. Fine. Let me convince myself of this positive fucked up self-help theme of the world right now. To be self-reliant, to know how to self-regulate and to be self-aware! They sound so simple but it isn’t.

P.s. I know this too shall pass. I just had to blurt it out and felt like posting it. If you reached until this postscript, then i guess you’re not highly sensitive at all 😁 (But please excuse my language.)



  1. Renfield R. Renfield (after shooting both a Fascist and a Communist dead with his semi-automatic): No, I’m not a highly sensitive person at all.

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    1. Apple Rae says:

      Lol hi chris!!! Hope you and Renfield are doing well! When i find time, I’ll visit your blog to read his adventures!

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  2. Personal growth is too much. I’m constantly stuck in the past myself and can’t get to the present in my state of mind. Good to see you pushing yourself and letting out. Good to see some writing from you too.

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    1. Apple Rae says:

      Hi Lucas! Thank youuuu! I’m so happy to see you here… with that new good-looking photo of yours, i reckon all is going well with you ✨😉 take care!

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  3. Jokerswild says:

    Without perseverance there is no progress.🌹

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    1. Apple Rae says:

      Oh hi there, Roy! Been a while huh 😉 well that is so true. Hope all is well with you wherever in the world you are right now

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        Hey Apple, still in the city of the sun but I still travel at times😉. Great write and words, glad to see your writing, hope all is well with you too!🌹


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