Finding beauty. Falling in love.

How odd, it seems. To feel so inlove over and over again. Maybe I don’t seem to learn. But giving up on love has never been my type of game.

What’s more odd is this: I don’t need someone just so i could feel this feeling. I don’t think of no one as i feel giddy just by this knowing—that I’m inlove… that I love life, more than ever. That i now love the face that smiles at me in the mirror every morning. That i accept all the flaws my body is showing. That i embrace who i am and who i am becoming. It’s odd, this knowing. But the oddness of it is what beauty really is. The awkwardness of loving oneself but not feeling guilty about it. There’s beauty in it. There’s beauty, in loving, in accepting, in embracing.

There’s beauty in the most peculiar of things. If you haven’t found it, it’s okay. You just gotta keep looking. ❤️🙏🏻

Note: I find this photo of me so awkward and my poetic prose is also awkwardly written so i think they matched 😜🥰😆❤️


  1. I adore this expression of beauty. To see the beauty in all things is the greatest gift, but to see the beauty in oneself is transformative if it is an authentic representation of the person. I have seen many people who’s physical beauty was so ordinary as to make them invisible, yet when one spends the time to know them, I found them to be as beautiful as any scene in nature. To discover compassion, empathy, and genuine love in oneself and others is to ensure a physical, intellectual, and spiritual bond that opens doors into ourselves where the deep well of love is free to quench our thirst for it and to offer it freely without need and hidden agendas to those we find worthy of our love and they find us equally worthy of their love. Love in all its forms is the source of all life where life is an expression of pure beauty made more significant because of flaws instead of in spite of flaws. And here, right now, is your beautiful expression of genuine love. ♥️🕊

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