Becoming Who You Are | a dramatic video essay

If you’ve been craving to find meaning and understand yourself more, this video is for you. Knowing who I truly am is something I’ve struggled to understand for years, and coming out of that confusion has set me free and finally, I have put to words my contemplation around self-mastery thru this 8 min video of my own story of awakening. However, I intentionally made it short and metaphorical to not reveal all at once 😉

Click this link below 👇🏻


  1. Well done Apple. The visuals form a powerful backdrop for the narrative finally focusing on you as you deliver the message of inspiration to others that might also feel the energy of their awakening. I am excited to see this part of you rise to the surface and reach out to others. It is a calling, like steeple bells, come with an open heart and find the depth of who you are and who you were meant to be. In a world quick to find judgement and condemnation for sport or personal gain, the true voices of reason ring always true over the hollow sound of inequity.


    1. I have gained all the courage i need to use art as a form of healing, with the help of your guidance and never-ending support. Without you, none of these creations have come to fruition. Truly grateful for you, you know that already 😉

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