eyes that feel, body that aches

Depth. Warmth. Mystery.
Too much. Too much of it. 
Sometimes i feel like I’m going insane.
For questioning—
the how i feel quite intensely
with no proper reasoning.
How the outsides quickly mirror the insides,
how the dreams manifest in real life,
how the symbols contradict
only to synchronize in time;
and how you never seek for signs
but have them knock on your door
way too many times.
How you sometimes deny
the magic and the fire
as it burns you to death
and to be rebirthed with its own light.
Dying and living—and a loop that is never-ending.
The crying to bed at night
and the waking up with swollen eyes that feel its aftermath.
No, I don’t see it.
I don’t see why.
But i was given two sides of the coin of life.
The duality of which, i have to master in time.
No, i don’t see it.
I don’t even get it.
But i was given this depth of feels to be felt,
and maybe not yet to understand
the sudden body signals,
the splenic insights,
and the ancient whispers of light.
No I don’t see it.
But the eyes that feel and the body that aches,
has always been right.


  1. A wonderfully crafted poem that realistically describes the sensitive person with eyes that feel and body that aches.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apple Rae says:

      Hi Chris, thank you. 💖 i saw your interesting comment at Sherrie’s blog. She wrote such powerful, esoteric poem about Gods and i learn by your conversations too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome, Apple. 💖

        Having been a Philosophy major in University, I love discussing Metaphysics.

        There are very few people who enjoy discussing that subject I discovered.


  2. Hyperion says:

    I somehow keep missing the notices of your posts. How could that be when such powerful words are laid down. We are feeling the cacophony of emotions welling up all around us and in us. We can’t live comfortably when so much discomfort surrounds us. What if we opened our arms wide and said bring it on, I’m taking this sorrow and owning it as true? It is never insanity to feel intensely, it is life at full speed. This is a beautiful expression of that storm that fills us at times.


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