Dead End

Running in circles. Breaking bad. Holding tight.

Would you call it a waste of time? If one travels the same path with another, and found a dead end but kept on trying, otherwise? Would you regret the times spent in stagnation even though filled with illussion and obsession—but one that was felt in its highs and lows with purity, innocence and undivided attention? Would you sigh a sigh of grief or would it be relief, after realizing there’s no more way out or even in; or would you contemplate upon the art of releasing with ease and complete surrendering? How does one learn anyway, other than breaking? Breaking of hearts, building of spirit. How it intersects, i have no inkling.Which one weighs heavier—totally confusing.

Would you dare to start again, when you’ve already reached the ending?


  1. And of course in those circumstances, it often takes a lot of courage to start again.

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  2. George F. says:

    “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, It’s what you do after you get up again that matters.”–Jack Dempsey, World Champion Boxer or someone like that.


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