You’re here, always here.

1430997217-girl-thinking-of-him-in-bus-dp-file-www.wallpaperg.comDon’t you know it’s but a challenge?

To keep my eyes shut for a moment?

Don’t you know how deep it cuts?

Each time I see you with mere limits of the mind?

You’re here, always here.

I can see you, it was as lucid as the rain that makes me shiver.

I would then reach out to hold you,

but just like rain, I couldn’t seem to touch you.

Still, you’re here, always here.

You never ceased to disrupt my head.

Like the knight in the movie, my brain did create

like an ache that deepens with the smell of your flesh

like an old photograph that is nostalgic, but less.

What power do you possess?

for appearing in my head that requires no presence?

What spell did you cast?

I need to break it, yes I must.

Because you’re here, always here…

And now I’m clouded with a bunch of fear.



(Photo credit to the owner)



Invisible fear

I was listening carefully with every beat of it.

I put my right hand to my chest, to feel the message it brings.

I was bewildered by its deafening noise—it’s making me sick.

It seems like I was hearing a beat resembling them ones in horror movies.

Trying to decode the fear I can perfectly hear.

Is this even real?

Where does this fear come from?

Is this the fear of being alone or the fear of losing?

Oddly speaking, I couldn’t seem to find out its true meaning.

Perhaps, both or maybe I’m just hallucinating.

For a moment, I stared at the cup in front of me and then brushed off this phase of overthinking…

I sighed whilst smiling when I figured out I’m only palpitating…

this strong coffee is all but to blame.


(Photo credit to Pinterest)