The silent Mayhem of beautiful Minds

Never in his life, did he thought too much about romance, until he met this woman who made him wonder whether it’s hysteria or love. He debated his way out of this comedy in his head, thinking it’s impossible that it’s the latter.

No, how could it be?

How can someone you just met a few days make you feel heavy in your heart but ironically makes you want to feel the feel of it? He asked himself this question in his head while she talked about the book she was reading and threw some lame jokes he labeled as boring. Well, that’s just his way of teasing her—to battle against the strong wind that brings him closer to her, like she’s a destination. A place destined for him to live in, or perhaps maybe a home. But he fights it, he fights the urge to look at her more than just how he used to look at girls.

She rolled her eyes and turned her back as a sign of unspoken surrender of losing a debate with him. And then sighed a deep sigh for an ambiguous picture of a future together. With her right hand sandwiched between her right cheek and her soft comfy pillow, she looked past the window and wondered how many girls he had slept with. With his charm and wit, she bet he could’ve easily made his way through their hearts, like how he managed to do with hers.

But ofcourse she would never admit it, she was quite smart enough to know it’s wrong to tell him how safe and heavenly she felt sleeping next to him and observing how his soul of masculinity seemed to overpower his femininity—in the sexiest ways of humanness. No, it’s wrong, what if she scares him away?

She liked him, well, she likes him very much but she feared the idea that he doesn’t like him the way she does.

Little did she know, that he cogitated more than she did as he studies the artistic view of her naked flawless back when she turned around. He wondered how come he’s so drawn to her, not just with what her skin shouts, but more with the language her eyes speak that required neither words nor voice. He wanted to trace his fingers from the abstract beauty of her nape down to the edge of her spine to savor the perfection of it but hesitated for a split second because he thought he should just play it cool.

Or should he, really?

Would it hurt much if he would make an exception? He thought, maybe she wouldn’t mind so he stopped battling against it and moved as close as he can, spooned her with his warmth and breathed near the outlines of her left ear.

The hair of her skin stood like it’s being magnetized by a powerful invisible sense as he embraced her from behind. He whispered something to her but she didn’t mind listening—the beats of her heart was louder as it raced like there’s a zombie apocalypse, like she should run for her life, or should she?

Isn’t this moment something she would want to freeze if she could?



Wrote this at almost 2am here in Iceland, ugh I couldn’t sleep 😂

Psychoweirdo is back!

The Psychoweirdo has been travelling around Asia for three weeks now and she’s killin’ it. She loved how the Asian guys showered her with so much attention, with bizarre warmth she has never felt before. They have made her feel like she’s Selena Gomez or Angelina Jolie, albeit rather bitchy of a version of these celebrities. Ash’s confidence is overflowing in the cockiest way you could ever imagine but they still end up being caged by her charm. She has this invisible psychic aura that hypnotizes Asian men to not only want to sleep with her but to keep coming back for more. Ironically however, she reckoned that these men has the same power over her and she’s enjoying it. She normally didn’t like regular clients but in this place in the Philippines called Manila, she has made an exception. It was with Ben—he has showed him strange but fascinating sexual acts she has never experienced before. He has sent her to wildest of dreams that are freakin’ real. It was crazily addictive, she decided to own him and never let go.

Whilst she was merely focused on her Macbook Pro doing some research about Taiwan, she suddenly heard heavy knocks on her front door. She hastily checked the security camera she has set up in the flat she’s renting and she saw a petite woman who’s probably in her late 20’s with furious eyes that kept looking at the camera with her proud middle finger up in the sky. Ash smirked, rolled her eyes, looked at herself in the mirror and winked with her game-face on and walked to the front door to give this trespasser a warm welcome she will never forget.

Ash opened the door and the woman abruptly attempted to slap Ash in the face but she missed. Ash held her wrist tight with her poker face and her eyes focused on the intruder. The woman was too small for Ash there’s no way she could ever win in this physical fight she was planning to do, not unless she has a weapon like a knife or a samurai but looks like there’s none so it’s apparently a no-match.

“Easy!” Ash said when she stopped this woman’s ridiculous act of madness. The woman was somewhat astonished with the composure and nonchalant poise of her husband’s mistress.

“You’re a filthy whore! A home wrecker!” the woman exclaimed as she let go of her hand from Ash’s possession.

“Thanks, my pleasure. Come in, so I can show you where I’ve been f*cking your husband. Do you like tea or coffee?” Ash said sarcastically as she closed the door behind.

“Why are you doing this? Why me? Why Ben? What are you getting out of this?” she said, her voice was shaking like a choppy line during a call.

“Have a seat first and make yourself comfortable.” Ash said as she prepares a cup of coffee for the angry visitor. Ben’s wife, whose name is Abby, didn’t follow Ash’s instructions and stubbornly glued herself to her current standing position with her arms crossed, anxious with how Ash behaves and treats her.

“I didn’t come here to have coffee with you, bitch! I came here to warn you! If you don’t stop seeing my husband, you’re going to hell!” Abby said, with her voice a little too loud for a threat.

“Haha. You making me laugh, sweetie. The way you said it scared the hell out of me. Haha.” She said sarcastically, as she sits down in her black leather couch and crossed her flawless legs to show off her confidence.

“You should have done a little research about me before you went here, darling. Oh well, poor you. I have regular clients, fyi, and Ben is one of them. I don’t mind losing him, if he decides to cut off what we have, because I have other options. You see? That’s why I don’t give a f*ck with you coming here and shouting like a mad beast. You should be asking your husband to stop seeing me, not the other way around. Why, are you scared he would choose me over you?” Ash continued, looking straight to the enemy’s eyes.

Abby was startled for a couple of minutes she didn’t know how to respond. This whore is getting on her nerves she wanted to cry but she chose not to. When she was about to open her mouth to reply, someone knocked on the door and they both went silent.

To be continued…


Men, this is for you.

Are women really THAT complex?

Men, do you sometimes feel like you couldn’t decipher our indirect language and dramatic behaviour at times?

Probably most of my male readers would do a slow repetitive nod for this very common question about gender differences so I decided to write something that (hopefully) could enlighten you on how to deal with the enigmatic behaviour of women especially in terms of our hobby of starting a quarrel.

This, however, will focus on one thing. No big deal—only one single revelation that I urge you to please embrace with all your being, just in case you would find this fascinating.

There is no secret formula to crack the code inside a woman’s brain, you would only be needing an open mind and a heart that’s full of patience. Again, patience.

Have you ever witnessed your wife or girlfriend who all of a sudden got angry and when you asked her what’s wrong, she answered you with an enraged I-don’t-know?

If you’re sometimes lucky, we also get mad for a reason—but most of them are merely minor and petty.

It’s undeniably true that we also say no, when it really means yes. That today we love you but then a few minutes later, we hate you.

That’s when you would give us that strange look and we would get into your nerves and you would scratch your head and probably get angry in return for the mystery of our emotional roller coaster.

Men, listen.

This is the real reason behind this unknown source of dismay:


Lol, i know. I bet this is not like a new word for you but heyyy there’s something you need to know more about this, because Google would only define PMS as boring as this:

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a combination of symptoms that many women get about a week or two before their period. Most women, over 90%, say they get some premenstrual symptoms, such as bloating, headaches, and moodiness.

This is yes, correct, but did you know that the symptoms, most especially moodiness, doesn’t only happen a week or two before our monthly visit? The fact of the matter is, it happens to our well being with no time frame, with irregular schedules, and no whatsoever reminder that we’re already PMSing. Even the “P” that stands for “pre”, also stands for “post” at times. We find this annoying too, just as much as you do, because there are times we find ourselves in deep loneliness (sometimes crying) over something uncertain. This is weird, we know that, but you have to understand that it ain’t easy. To be a woman of moodswings, that is.

So men, forgive us, if we shouted at you and started a fight you with little to no valid reason. We don’t really want to, but the abrupt changes in our body on a monthly basis is really devastating thus making our hormones go wild that creates some sort of an imbalance. This triggers the rage and the fury as our emotions go crazy. We don’t usually admit these things to you, out of fear of sounding weak, or just because we think you won’t understand. But seriously though, we got this. We’ve taken it all in and accepted this as a part of us, being ruled mostly by our Amygdala, with little control of it.

Acceptance is the key to simplify our complexity. As contradicting as it may seem, but if you really want to understand a woman’s brain, you have to be extra patient with us and in return, we’ll be all-out with you in terms of love.

Women will never stop PMSing, even until we reach the inexorable stage of menopausing. We are created to be an epitome of ambivalence, with a mind full of emotional fluctuations like the stock market. But nevertheless, we’re not using this as an excuse to have the license to start a fight from nothing but pure moodswinging, but for you to have a broad understanding of this flaw and to make you realize that despite this inevitable situation, we can rather compensate through our sweet gestures and sincere expression of tender love and care. 😉

Ps. Survival tip: When we’re going crazy, a kiss on the forehead and a tight hug is all we need to stay calm. No words—just these sweet gestures will be enough to make us feel safe.