How can I make a masterpiece?

You were supposed to write something.

But you couldn’t fathom why your mind is overflowing

With too much lists and codes, too much worries—it’s disgusting.

So you end up staring at your laptop,

fingertips ready to dance with the keypad,

eyes glued to the screen, chair’s heating up for real.

You’ve been planning to write something,

but no swift thought can satisfy your brain’s craving—for something original, something unclichéd that could mean a thing.

Then you turn to a book you were reading, hoping for the light bulb to say, ting!

Unfortunately there’s still nothing.

Is this a mere writer’s block or but pure folly?

Nonetheless, you really want to write something,

so you thrust your whole being to ponder thoroughly, to dig for ideas tremendously

But your disoriented mind is not helping.

It’s when your heart start pounding, that you realize what’s missing.

You forgot to listen to your heart, as your mind overrule you with boring facts and schemes.

It was saying something.

What did it say?

Your heart says it’s in pain.

You then grabbed this time your pen and paper,

jotting down each word your heart dictates.

You didn’t mind if it’s basic and plain, if it lacks pompous adjectives or peculiar adverbs

All you care is what your heart is telling you to create.

You didn’t mind how the readers would react.

It’s merely for the purpose of bursting them feelings out.

You then finish the piece out of sheer signals from the heart.

Making you discern it’s not hard after all, it only takes a heart that speaks to make a such masterpiece.

(Photo credit to owner)

A flawless you


He looked at me twice like oh-em-gee I didn’t see that coming.

The nonchalant glance saying…

I see you staring at me all the time,


I know what’s running on your mind,


I know you have a crush on me, so don’t hide.

This is what I like about him—he’s the silent type,

the shy but looking-like-a-genius kind.

He’s a little snob, heedless of my presence sometimes

But I find it sexy so I don’t really mind

He’s like the most gorgeous unpredictable guy I’ve seen ever.

Oh dear, can I just own you forever?

I tried to look away but my eyes keep coming back to him.

Maybe they merely enjoy the scene—them chinese eyes and thick brows, his perfect hair and tiny nose, and his subtle cheeks…

I’ve been wanting to smell and kiss.

Tell me how not to fall for you?

When all i see now is a flawless you.


(Special thanks again to my partner in life, Arvy for his original digital painting above.)



She’s too much of a woman

She’s too much of a woman. An overthinker who analyses every detail. An incredibly intelligent one. A kind who gives more but expects little. She’s often abused for having such a trait, yet still she remains kind and munificent in her most modest way.

She’s too much of a woman, living a life of drama, but she keeps it to herself so no one knows her enigma. She writes about it instead, cries for it in bed, wipes it off once the pain is dead.

She’s too much of a woman, so she wonders everyday, about the existence of the world in the first place. She’s but a girl with a curious mind. Grew up with books and tons of questions in line. Some got answers, some got none. Still seeking for the rest to be unlocked at the right time.

Now she’s here, standing in front of a man. A man she loves with all sums of her being. A man of trouble she embraced with no ceiling. Yes she’s a smart woman, but lucidly stupid in this game she’s playing. Isn’t it ironic? That she’s highly clever but an outright stupid? A woman of class who falls for a narcissistic. A woman this man blames for overanalysing. For too much jealousy and envy, for her bunch of worries and insecurities.

She’s too much of a woman—this is what the man used as an excuse. So he left her ’cause he couldn’t manage her simple rules. Rules of sincere love and undivided attention. Don’t you know that’s what she’s only asking for?

(The digital painting above is an original creation of my boyfriend, Arvy. Special thanks to him for this beautiful piece of art.)


Numbers don’t lie

“You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic.”

-Stephen C. Hogan

This line has been stuck in my head when the speaker from our meeting yesterday flashed this in her PowerPoint presentation. I decided to write about this idea to reiterate the value of Work Ethic, and how does it affect not only the digits in your bank account but most significantly the quality of life that you live.

I’m a huge believer of numbers. Being in sales for nearly 7 years, I have relied on logical computation on achieving what I want. I’ve never enjoyed the idea of being a regular employee (that’s why I’ve never been one), wherein the paycheck depends on the hours you spend on your office and not by the amount of hard work you put in. At some point I find this idea a little unfair to those who work harder but gets the same salary as the ones who don’t. I have nothing against employees though, because I know some people who are happy to be one. This is speaking from my own experience, my own belief system that the idea of the Law of Averages has not only made me earn more than average at the age of 26, but also improved the quality of my life in general. It has polished in a way that I’ve developed a great work ethic that has now become a habit. Truth be told that I’m not normally the most skillful in the room, neither the most talented but I can confidently say that I can fill in those loop holes by working on my numbers. I prefer working hard over working smart, above all means.

Numbers, however, is truly not the sole component of success, but if you can master it, you’re on your way to achieving whatever it is that you want. It’s a formula that anyone can use regardless of how good you are at something. When you increase your numbers, whether in terms of the number of hours you spend on your career or on writing in your blog, or on studying something that interests you, you will see a massive and positive change on the results of it. If you double your effort, or at least do that extra 1%, the repercussion will mirror what you have exerted at a certain time only fate or God could tell. The fruits of your hardwork has their own perfect timing. If you’re working way above mediocre level today and not reaping the benefits yet, you have to instill in your mind that you must be patient. Patience is a virtue anyway, yes?

In addition to that, there is no way you you would ever miss a target if you religiously follow your hitrate. Hitrate is your personal ratio that is computed based on your skill level. As a Financial Wealth Adviser, my hit rate started at 10:1, that now has upgraded over the years to 3:1. This means that for me to be able to close a deal back then, I need to be able to present to 10 clients before I can get a successful YES. In terms of blogging, this post will be my 19th, with (only) 104 followers so far, on my 3rd week since I put this up. This means that for each daily post, I get to have roughly 5 followers, hence my hit rate on increasing the number of followers based on each published post is 1:5. Now I guess I have to write twice daily so I can have 10 new followers per day, hmm. What do you think? Hihi. 🙂

Anywho, numbers don’t lie. When you look at yourself and you’re not happy with where you are right now, odds are you didn’t apply a certain amount of work ethic for each of your goals. So let me end this post with how I started it—Your dream, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a million dollar, will be fulfilled if you add an amazing work ethic on your belief system and act on it whilst you can. Success is not a sprint after all that you have to acquire the speed of Usain Bolt just to get it. And you can’t use a shortcut to success in exchange for a short term happiness with a long term catastrophe. The idea is to enjoy the process on achieving it, heedless of the time, because the destination will surely be there at the end of the tunnel. Have fun in the process of working hard, learn from each hurdles along the way and soon enough you will reap all the benefits of your above average, multi-millionaire level of work ethic.

Start the year right

Goals, i have relied on you my entire life for the most part. You are the guide God has taught me to create, like a map of several destinations, the pathway to utter happiness. I have accomplished a lot of you last year and I am confident that this year is going to be a year of more positive changes and an enormous sums of achievements. I am not, however, a follower of new year’s resolutions because it doesn’t have any strong impact on me. But specific goals exhilarate me to enjoy the process of living and allow me to look forward to brighter things ahead.

Creating this blog has always been one of my goals since the time i found love in writing. But I wasn’t confident enough to publish my works for the past years that I’ve always second-guessed the idea of it thus I ended up procrastinating and absolutely not making it happen. But today feels so much different. I woke up this morning with a tagline that keeps flashing in my head—START THE YEAR RIGHT. It really appeared in bold letters as if it was emphasizing its importance, that it has to be seriously acknowledged. And so I did not ignore it this time—my heart has its way of communicating with me through my peculiar sets of imaginations and a universal language that needs a little of decoding to understand. Starting the year right is an intense message to persuade you to do something you love that you keep on setting aside because of your excuses. It could also mean that you should start this year with a new powerful habit as a replacement from the ugly old one. I’d like to believe that starting this blog is a perfect way to help me practice the passion I have for writing and help me execute my goal in provoking ideas all over the world.

I honestly think that through this, I’d be able to make a difference like who knows? It may sound absurd but if I get to help people know how to set goals properly and how to achieve them, how to have the right mindset and how to have the perfect attitude towards life, that’s already making a difference, isn’t it? Just like what Steve Jobs has said: “…because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… are the ones who do.”To think differently—this is what this blog aims for you to do. To be brave enough to take the road that are less traveled. To help you unlock your true self  without seeking the approval of others. The ultimate goal is to create a message that could inspire readers to live life at its fullest. To make you realize the true beauty of life by changing the way you look at it, one step at a time.

I am merely thrilled to share with you every chapter of my 2018 stories that will hopefully provoke some meaningful ideas within you. I am also excited to hit more goals, to meet more people, to see more places and to touch more lives this year.

A colorful and bountiful 2018—I am looking forward to you.