The girl who was undressed by evil 3

A stupendous ray of light and colours flashed strikingly towards her body as the walls of her cage dramatically broke the moment she screamed. She couldn’t grasp the idea of how she did it, but she was cognisant of the incredible power she has acquired from the torture she underwent last night.

How could a normal human being like me break all four walls of a vast concrete room just by screaming? She asked herself at the back of her mind and then smiled a smile of victory. She must be worried of the chance that she’s no longer human, yet she managed to smile because it felt so damn good to have this unbelievable strength. All her life she’s been perceived as weak and small, never good enough, not strong at all. She felt even greater sense of unknown joy as she witnessed an alluring work of art right before her very eyes. This is nature like no other. Incomparably perfect for her eyes that haven’t seen much.

The anxiety she felt a few minutes back was instantly replaced by some undefinable form of bliss that gave her goosebumps from head to toe. This place, or world, whatever it is, is too surreal and too magical to look at. In awe of her surroundings, she walked around slowly to feel the colours that seem as though it was breathing, that it has a life, a meaning. That maybe the sparkles and shimmers and flowers she sees everywhere are gifts for her, a reward for surviving all the mess on earth. And perhaps, a treat after the tremendous amount of pain she went through the night before.

“It’s lovely, isn’t it?” asked a male voice from behind that broke her beautiful reverie.

She hastily turned around and saw a naked man with a perfectly tanned skin that make him look so manly. She tried to ignore the warmth that electrified her skin but it was quite strong. She couldn’t help but to imagine something wild and predictably romantic, like two people stranded on an island-kind-of-story who ended up falling in love with each other and then having sex. Distracted by the hot view in front of her, it took her a while to realize she was supposed to respond to him.

“It sure is. But, uhm.. what is this place? Where am I? And.. who are you?” she replied while she focused her gaze on his eyes only, pretending to pay no heed to his manhood and all his body parts that tickle her wildest dreams.

“I’m afraid the only question I have the liberty to answer is the last one. My name is River. I came here to congratulate you on a job well done. You were able to pass the first test, in fact you did it so quick, we honestly didn’t expect that.” he said as if he’s flirting, with a thick, sexy voice and an authentic smile that portray images of fantasy.

“We? I don’t understand. Why, what, i mean, just last night I was like being raped and just a while ago I was caged and I just screamed..”

“I know. But only The King could give light to all your confusion. Come with me, he’s waiting for you at The Blue Palace.” interrupted River as he turned around and beckoned her to follow.

Her mouth was ajar for quite some time while her brows furrowed in total perplexity of what’s going on, but when she noticed that River kept on walking and getting farther, she blinked twice to wake herself up and then ran towards his direction.

Unable to hold it, she asked him, “By the way, is everyone really naked in this world? Don’t you like to wear something atleast to cover or keep you warm, and… you know what I mean..”

“Naked? Do I look naked to you?” answered River in a baffled tone and then continued, “Ah, so you have it!” He chuckled and winked at her that made her blush a little.

“Have what?”

To be continued…



Fresh eyes (Part 1)

This is the most nerve-racking moment in her life. By the time she woke up, she felt like she slept in a pond of sweat. She hurriedly wiped it with her bare hands as soon as she saw a seemed-like-a-slow-mo drop of it from her chin down to her lap. She suddenly panicked so she rapidly got up from her tangled bed, threw away her blanket and ran towards the mirror. She was startled to see her reflection but at the same time she felt some sense of relief. She looked normal, no bruises, no wounds, no blood.

“It was just a dream, Amma, ok? It will never come to life.” She said to herself whilst zooming herself in and out, looking for some sort of physical damages, examining her face and her body in the mirror. She tried to lift herself up with those words of affirmation but she’s utterly aware of a familiar scary possibility.

It all started when she was 16. Amma lost her parents due to the famous 2011 suicide plane bombing.She has a 10 year old sister, at that time, named Emma, who just turned 17 last December. It’s been exactly seven years since they passed away but the effect of this tragic event is still fresh in her memory. That was also the time she realized her gift that she sometimes refer to as a curse—because Amma can’t help but to blame herself, she thought she could have used her gift to warn her parents about what she has seen in her dreams. She could have went there and informed everyone she knew what’s going to happen, heedless of  whether they believe her or not—she could have saved her parents and 100 more innocent lives. But she didn’t. For she knows it’s absurd to believe that she could see the future through her dreams.

The premonitons that show up when she’s asleep are not usually bad dreams per se. Oft times it’s good and funny and sexy but last night’s dream was intensely terrifying. In this dream, Amma saw herself drunk driving, on her way home, with an unknown guy in the passenger seat who was laughing crazily, a bottle of Nils Oscar beer in his right hand, his left on her hips and as he was about to kiss her, she saw a silhouette of a man who’s about to cross the street, so she quickly turned the steering wheel to her right, unable to anticipate the ten-wheeler truck coming in the same lane she’s in. The unknown guy shouted at her, Watch out!, but Amma recklessly lost control and then BAAAM!

To be continued…

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Single forever

Carmelita is a 68 year old chinese woman who lived in Manila most of her life. She’s multilingual (English, Chinese & Tagalog) and was raised by her Chinese parents who used to operate a huge plantation of crops in Malaysia that is up and running until today despite his father’s death at year 2000 due to old age. Her mother died at age 48 due to Cancer and being the eldest among the five siblings, she took most of the responsibility in their family business and managed her father’s business affairs most especially the financial aspects because her father couldn’t speak the local language in Manila. To keep her background story short, Ma’am Mely (as how I address her) dedicated her whole life helping his father—took care of him when he was sick, looked after her younger siblings and decided to stay single forever. I asked her if there’s someone who tried to be with her and she answered me with a big YES and a wide smile in her face but her eyes were filled with regret. She told me there was a lawyer and an accountant who tried to win her heart but she gave me this apparent excuse that she was scared that they would not accept her for who she is, that maybe they would just get “turned off” by her, that she’s worried she’s too old for it because she was around 40 years old when they came. She then accepted her fate since. She decided she would stay single forever because she initially thought it’s okay, that she’s going to be okay alone.

When his father died and all her siblings got married, the pain of her decision commenced to become more intense, more intolerable, more obvious than it used to be. She opened up honestly how lonely she is and how hard it is to live alone. Whenever she got sick and the driver is not around, she would take her jacket and walk to the drugstore a mile away from where she lives, so she could buy herself a medicine, because no one else could do it for her. Although her siblings have often asked her to just live with them, she kept on refusing them because she feels like she’s going to be just a burden to them and admitted to me that she thinks it’s more painful to see them having a family of their own and feel sorry for herself for the decision she made for her life. She’s been living alone in that old gloomy house for almost 20 years and I felt the pain it has caused her. She told me she likes me so much that she wishes I am her daughter and she sincerely appreciate the time I gave her—because she said she badly needed someone to talk to. She kept on thanking me for listening to her repetitive story and apologized for it. I told her she shouldn’t apologize for it because I did enjoy the time I spent with her.

“Please don’t leave him because you’re very lucky you have someone to grow old with.” She said after we hugged before I had to leave for another client visit. Whilst I was driving away, I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw her waving goodbye like a mother who had to see her child leave because the school bus is already there. I felt deep within me that she wanted to be a mother, to be a wife, to have a family of her own. I have met several old maid well off clients but she was the only one who unhesitatingly confessed the unpleasant repercussion of living alone for the rest of her life. Perhaps not all them old maid feels the same way as Mely, but I’m certain that in one way or another, those people who chose to be single forever, felt lonely too.

I had to write about her story without her consent neither to announce the pity I have for her nor to make it look like staying single is bad. I wrote this so you could realize how blessed you are right now. If you have a family of your own or if you have someone who loves you and is willing to share his/her life with you, do not hesitate and stop overthinking about the negative sides of marriage or of having children—because I’m telling you, it’s better to endure the pain of getting hurt due to a quarrel or sleepless nights ’cause of your crying baby than the pain of living all by yourself. As the old clichéd saying proves: “No man is an island” and I couldn’t agree more to it.

I wish you start looking at your partner as a gift because perhaps not everyone is blessed to have met someone to love. You are loved and you have someone to kiss and hug, someone to share your thoughts with, someone to laugh with using a secret language only you two can understand, thus I hope you don’t take it for granted. Being single forever is a choice—but I wish you do something about it before you run out of time.