The girl who was undressed by evil 3

A stupendous ray of light and colours flashed strikingly towards her body as the walls of her cage dramatically broke the moment she screamed. She couldn’t grasp the idea of how she did it, but she was cognisant of the incredible power she has acquired from the torture she underwent last night.

How could a normal human being like me break all four walls of a vast concrete room just by screaming? She asked herself at the back of her mind and then smiled a smile of victory. She must be worried of the chance that she’s no longer human, yet she managed to smile because it felt so damn good to have this unbelievable strength. All her life she’s been perceived as weak and small, never good enough, not strong at all. She felt even greater sense of unknown joy as she witnessed an alluring work of art right before her very eyes. This is nature like no other. Incomparably perfect for her eyes that haven’t seen much.

The anxiety she felt a few minutes back was instantly replaced by some undefinable form of bliss that gave her goosebumps from head to toe. This place, or world, whatever it is, is too surreal and too magical to look at. In awe of her surroundings, she walked around slowly to feel the colours that seem as though it was breathing, that it has a life, a meaning. That maybe the sparkles and shimmers and flowers she sees everywhere are gifts for her, a reward for surviving all the mess on earth. And perhaps, a treat after the tremendous amount of pain she went through the night before.

“It’s lovely, isn’t it?” asked a male voice from behind that broke her beautiful reverie.

She hastily turned around and saw a naked man with a perfectly tanned skin that make him look so manly. She tried to ignore the warmth that electrified her skin but it was quite strong. She couldn’t help but to imagine something wild and predictably romantic, like two people stranded on an island-kind-of-story who ended up falling in love with each other and then having sex. Distracted by the hot view in front of her, it took her a while to realize she was supposed to respond to him.

“It sure is. But, uhm.. what is this place? Where am I? And.. who are you?” she replied while she focused her gaze on his eyes only, pretending to pay no heed to his manhood and all his body parts that tickle her wildest dreams.

“I’m afraid the only question I have the liberty to answer is the last one. My name is River. I came here to congratulate you on a job well done. You were able to pass the first test, in fact you did it so quick, we honestly didn’t expect that.” he said as if he’s flirting, with a thick, sexy voice and an authentic smile that portray images of fantasy.

“We? I don’t understand. Why, what, i mean, just last night I was like being raped and just a while ago I was caged and I just screamed..”

“I know. But only The King could give light to all your confusion. Come with me, he’s waiting for you at The Blue Palace.” interrupted River as he turned around and beckoned her to follow.

Her mouth was ajar for quite some time while her brows furrowed in total perplexity of what’s going on, but when she noticed that River kept on walking and getting farther, she blinked twice to wake herself up and then ran towards his direction.

Unable to hold it, she asked him, “By the way, is everyone really naked in this world? Don’t you like to wear something atleast to cover or keep you warm, and… you know what I mean..”

“Naked? Do I look naked to you?” answered River in a baffled tone and then continued, “Ah, so you have it!” He chuckled and winked at her that made her blush a little.

“Have what?”

To be continued…



The girl who was undressed by evil 2


She woke up feeling tired and unease, like being asleep for so long. She knew something has changed in her as she delicately touch her face down to her shoulders, arms, belly and legs down to her toes. She studied all of her parts, but none was missing. She was complete but more. She knew something changed, she reckoned that the event from the night before was responsible for this very odd feeling.

Did everything just happen last night? 

She whispered to herself as she peered around the strange vastness of the room she’s in. The size of it made her feel small that paradoxically almost asphyxiated her whole system. And there’s no one there. Not even a single soul nor something that could possibly make a sound apart from the heaviness of her breathing. Nothing else was there except from the Japanese full sized bed with dark blue shiny sheets that was too troubling to look at. Fear instantly grasped her heart, but she ignored it.

She stood up  and gently closed her eyes while her hands converge with the pure black walls as she danced her way slowly through the four corners of her cage. Yes, she’s caged. That’s what she felt as she was sensing the texture and the life of the wide walls of her room. She then opened her eyes as she finished the tour, eyes that spoke of wrath and agony for the many questions in her mind that baffles her.

She’s 100% sure this wasn’t where she was tortured. This room is entirely different. As she reached the door, the only way to escape since there are no windows, she squeezed the knob to the right that produced such a frightening click that echoed inside the room for what seemed like eternity––a click that shouts of being locked there forever. The domino effect of it stayed in her head that made her fall onto her knees and with her trembling hands she tightly held and pulled the strands of her hair from her scalp like a mad woman lost in her own world. The fire in her eyes saw nothing but chaos. The fear she tried to ignore kicked in once again, and this time it was much larger than the first one.

She blinked and then a single line of tear from her left eye disturbed the tension in her cheek. And without holding back, she screamed at the top of her lungs to let go of the anxiety that strangles her soul.

“Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!” A loud vibrating growl like a lioness in an empty jungle, hungry for answers, enraged by the silence that was ironically deafening. With the extreme intensity of her scream, she watched the black concrete walls break with monstrous veins of crack like how an earthquake would do to a strong surface.

The crack continued to grow like it’s about to break the cage she’s in. She then grinned wildly not only because freedom is about to be granted to her, but most importantly because she knew she could do astonishing things she has never done before. And it stimulated her thoughts, to seek for the rest of the missing magnificent pieces that will complete the puzzle. She felt it in her bones that there’s more of her that she will soon be able to unleash.



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The Girl who was undressed by Evil


They tore everything that warms her and all that makes her human. They played with her, tortured her hard and destroyed her—raw, naked and sore. She was seething up to the innermost level of her core, but she’s also terrified. What they did was completely inhuman, because they’re not human! She might be out of her mind to reckon that it’s possible, but she absolutely knew what she felt despite being blindfolded in utter darkness.


She was pushed violently by the wind til her back magnetised on a cold smooth wall that felt like she plummeted from the sky with such indescribable level of pain, which was only the beginning. Something then forced both her hands and her feet to form an X figure against a wall—something, not someone.. definitely not the hands of a man, but something she couldn’t figure yet. She tried to fight the invisible force, but she’s too weak for it. Each time she protested, her wrists and ankles got burnt by what felt like handcuffs of fire. Two layers of half inch braces of fire that murdered her soul as they smashed her clothes til nothing is left to cover her body.

She’s totally naked and it frightened the hell out of her. She was crying and shouting for help, in her mind at least, because no matter how much she tried to scream, no voice comes out of her mouth. No volume, no words. She couldn’t even literally open her mouth—her lips were glued together by what felt like a zipper of ice. Her mouth was instantly frozen and she became hopeless. Even more when she felt a rough yet sensual touch running down slowly from her neck down to her breasts, circling its way over and over, making an infinity sign and then stopped as it reached her nipples. The instant they were pressed, she was electrified by some unknown intense lightning that made her pulse beat incredibly fast like it’s going to explode, like a bomb installed inside her body with a mixture of both pain and pleasure. It was, however, inexplicably painful for the most part. She felt like her nerves were replaced by something hard like of a metal or aluminum or platinum whatsoever, she had no idea at all. Whatever it is, it felt like she was robotized from within with such excruciating pain that in her mind made her wish they just kill her and let her die.

She then felt her blood running down her thighs that made her even weaker. The flow of the blood that comes out of her womanhood became faster and heavier, like a shower raining down all the liquid from her body she wondered why she’s still conscious after all.

When she’s all exhausted, a tube was suddenly sucked inside her vagina like a huge IV inserted upon her, replacing all the blood they drained out of her with something immensely hot. Whatever they put in inside her rapidly kicked in, reaching her brain with a bang that panicked her whole system. She hysterically vibrated non-stop like being possessed by some demonic spirit that magically granted her with an incredible strength she was able to remove the unbreakable fire-like handcuffs. She fell onto the ground that subsequently sent her into a complete blackout…

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When the sad girl writes..

“She likes the calming sound of the nib against the flawless surface of the sheet.

She likes it because somehow, through this, she’s at an interim peace.

Letting it all out as her words make love to each other to form an offspring—words that came from the innermost cuts of pain; and of profound sorrow and unknown faces of fear.

She’s sad, always has been.

A sad girl who writes effortlessly, because words naturally come out, stuffed with sincerity.

She’s not happy—a fact she’s not afraid to admit.. but when the sad girl writes, everybody nods and acquiesces.. that it’s a masterpiece.”


Disclaimer: I’m not the sad girl I’m talking about in this piece. Lol 😝 just trying to be poetic here.. ♥️

Love and Loss, Truth and the End (2)

img_3689He shrieked like a hungry baby. He knows it ain’t manly to do so but he knows no other strategy to make her feel a little bit of guilt and maybe just maybe, through his sobbing, she gets to realize that she couldn’t live without him—that his love is genuine, that he’s the one for her.

“Tell me, how can things have a meaning, if you’re not beside me all the time? I can’t picture you with another guy, no ugh I just can’t. Please just please, this time I’ll make things work. I promise you, I’ll be better. I’ll do everything to revive the love that died when I foolishly neglected you. Would you please give me another chance?”

She looked at him whilst he wept, waiting for a message from her heart, thinking maybe the act will somehow awaken the feelings that withered but there was nothing — all she felt was utter pity. He was pressing her hands, kissing the back of it. Like a puppy who finds a way so his owner won’t go to work and they could play all day, like a salesman who desperately asks a customer to buy his product. But it ain’t effective. Too much of emotions seems like a flood of disaster for her. She’s a strong independent woman who barely relied her happiness over someone. And this strategy of begging is just a huge turn-off. She allowed him to say please as many times as he wants, but it’s lucid to her that the word won’t change her mind.

“Everyone deserves a second chance. Even a man of infidelity could be given another chance by the woman who truly loves her. I want to follow this common notion but when I look at you now and I ask myself — is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? The answer is a NO. I’m not saying this to hurt you even more but sometimes we need to get smashed in the face by the truth than to forever suffer with a lie. Truth deepens the pain but a lie prolongs it. What do you prefer?”

He stopped crying when each word that came out of her lips stabbed him with no warning. Her confidence numbed his muscles he couldn’t seem to move. Some words got tattooed in his skin: love and loss, truth and the end. He knows that he won’t be able to get rid of these words just as much as he won’t be able to move on from her. He knew he took her for granted, because he thought it was okay for her — she never complained that much anyway. He lacked the initiative to communicate with her, he ignored the signs to feed her needs in the relationship. He was a fool to keep on takin’ but rarely givin’. He was stupid to think love is enough to keep her happy.

What do you think should the boy do? Should he insist and keep on saying please? Or should he let her go despite the fact that a life without her is a puzzle with a huge missing piece?






Love and Loss, Truth and the End

“If you really love me, why would you leave me?” He said, facing away from her, evading the moment where he should be asking this whilst looking straight to her eyes, but he didn’t have the courage—he was frightened to see an unspoken truth that lies beneath her big brown eyes, he was scared to find out that maybe, she just simply fell out of love for him.

Silence kicks in, it was deafening. The kind that makes your heart throb a little faster than the ordinary beat, the kind that gives you no hope to search for a validated line that could satisfy the boy’s muddled mind.

The girl started to speak after a moment,

“Baby…” she said, with her voice shaking like a shivering body of a homeless girl on a sad winter night. She stared at him, waiting to meet his eyes, but she failed. She held his hand with her right and put the other to his chin, gently forcing his face to tilt to one side, to face her, so she can have his eyes as a witness, as she would speaking nothing but the truth at 3:30 in the morning. She took a deep breath to release the tension and fear she has inside and said,

“I love you so much. It breaks my heart to hear you question the love I have for you because I reckon you don’t even know the real depth of it. Please don’t ever think that what I’ve said to you, what I have showed you, were all a complete lie. Because I have always been true to you, I’ve loved you more than you know. In fact, I’ve given so much of me. I’ve even devoted my entire life into the pursuit of our growth as partners. But now when I look at myself, all I see is a restless woman who got so drained for giving too much of her it has exhausted every part of her being. As I look into your troubled eyes, I asked myself, can I still fight for this? I want to give up now because I think I don’t have any energy left. I got so tired, I’m sorry but this is true. They say, if you love someone, you should never feel tired. I say, I loved someone so much I came to this point right now that nothing is left, I spent too much effort on this, done everything I could to make you happy, but it has always been me, and guess I’m still not enough for you. And for two years, I haven’t felt that security. Not even a single plan has been laid out in front me.”

She tried to stay as composed as she could, trying to hold back them tears from falling. After speaking of truth, she felt that sense of relief. She’s aware that he might not understand it right away, but telling the truth has set her free, from the constant anxiety she has felt for holding on to something she wasn’t sure of, just because she couldn’t feel the same level of commitment she has for their story to work.

What if he doesn’t accept this and asked for a one more chance? Should the girl give this boy another shot?