One whimsical thought

She was reading something when I saw her this morning. Heedless of my presence, oblivious to my growing admiration for her.

She seemed as if she was beautifully jailed in her imagination—the way her eyes move with each word shows so much passion. She was glued to her own world, enjoying the adventure of the book she holds.

That’s what I like most about her.

She expands her mind with her love for curiosity. She asks me questions everyday, in her most zealous and most innocent way.

Then one day she asked me, “how come all your paintings are amazing?”

I was delighted, stunned by that heartfelt query. It was too flattering I couldn’t find the right words to say.

But my heart spoke and said…

Her love for me makes me crave to be the best.

Her respect for my creation pushes me to study more and improve my artistic self.

Her presence uplifts my soul so much I couldn’t help but fall for her hard each day.

I held her right hand and closed my eyes for a coupla seconds—then I kissed it. Thought she would find it enough for an answer, that it was all because of her.

(Digital Painting credit to my boyfriend, Arvy)


Love is a paradox

You make me feel safe everytime my skin gets touched by you.

Paradoxically however, you can also make me feel scared about what the future might bring.

We both know how crazy we became—from the time our eyes locked, we became insane.

Oblivious of the real world, unaware of the odds despite its sheer clarity.

It’s just so vivid to me—that we can’t be together tomorrow, that today is our last day.

That there really should be no happy in an ending. Because there’s no such thing as you and me, in this world full of rules and tragedy.

But how can you do this to me? You created a language only our hearts can utterly elucidate. It’s now making me hard to concentrate—can’t think of nothing else, but the now that we have that i will never forsake.

It’s merely now but no tomorrow. Just today so let’s make the most out of it.

Kiss my hand and hold it tight before it gets cold.

Tell me you love me ’cause I need some validation.

Tell me you’ll never stop thinking of me even if I have to flee, because my body is already killing me and i have to set you free.

But oh please don’t cry for me. Stop being vulnerable and show me your strength.

Because you are my strength, my main reason for fighting. But you know how hard the battle is, so please, now—allow me to surrender.

In a few minutes I will close my eyes and I’d have to give up enjoying the beauty of your eyes.

Your eyes have been telling me to fight, they said fight for me one last time.

My heart told them I wanted to. But my angels are almost here—I can see them carrying my wings for me.

My love for you is so intense it’s making me happy and gloomy at the same time. It’s the love i have for you that kept me alive for some time, but it has made me feel lonely most of the time.

I’m lonely because I won’t be with you when you get wrinkly and old.

I’m lonely because tomorrow you might meet someone new, and you’ll soon forget the idea of me.

I’m lonely because I don’t have enough time left, to show you how much you mean to me.

I’m lonely you will never be mine again but it makes me happy that I’m dying whilst entangled by your arms around me.

I couldn’t breathe anymore, i can see an utter bloom of light coming through.

I reckon this is it. The now that i spent with you is both the most euphoric and most soul-crushing thing that ever happened to me.

For love is a paradox, yet it is absolutely true.

(Photo taken at Oslo, Norway)