She’s an old love letter

She’s an old love letter…

The one that speaks of truth and emotions.

The kind to be kept like a hidden treasure,

with an extraordinary power that lies beneath its words.

She’s that letter that has folded herself to fit into this world.

Didn’t want to cause trouble,

she just wants to belong.

She’s a love letter of bizarre colors,

with an abyss of depth that makes her invincible.

Her words will lure you into something wonderful.

The one you would want to read about more and more.

She’s an old love letter that has aged too well,

Yet too fragile and too weak, her words sometimes a blur

But she’s still a love letter that apparently speaks of love—no matter how torn, no matter how old.


(That’s me at the ferry staring at the Opera House here in Sydney ♥️)