Lovin’ Muay Thai

Recently, I was going through something really painful and work has been quite demanding than usual hence I wasn’t able to post something here in my blog for almost a week. I still write through my journal albeit inconsistently but I reckon that I’m now back on track. I normally write fiction stories but this time allow me to share something about me that has made my life more exciting than ever. This sport not only improved my core and leg strength, but helped me a lot to relieve stress and to stay focused on what’s important.

Anyhow, the quick video above shows how amateur I am with Muay Thai but I’d post it anyway to document it because I initially thought I won’t fit in to this sport considering my size and weight but nevertheless, it was worth the try. I’m now lovin’ Muay Thai and its tremendous benefits to my body. To give you a little bit of history, Muay Thai is the national sport and cultural martial arts of Thailand that was developed hundreds of years ago. Muay Thai is referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”; using eight points of contact the body mimics weapons of war. The hands become the sword and dagger; the shins and forearms were hardened in training to act as armor against blows, and the elbow to fall opponents like a heavy mace or hammer; the legs and knees become the axe and staff. The body operated as one unit. The knees and elbows are constantly searching and testing for an opening while grappling and trying to spin an enemy to the ground for the kill.

What I find really fascinating in this sport is the inexplicable relief it gives me right after a session and the pure fun I get whilst doing it. The physical pain is indefinably intense that it has surprisingly overpowered the pain I’ve currently went through. I came to this realization that when you’re dealing with heartbreak or loss or any other form of emotional pain, a physical activity (apart from writing, of course) will help you cope up with it real fast—counter-attacking pain with another. This is not, however, a guarantee that getting engaged in a sport will numb all them emotional pain life throws at you but it will absolutely help you deal with it pretty well. Instead of allowing your roller coaster of negative emotions to eat you up as you cry over that heartbreak, why don’t you go out there, pick a sport or just freakin’ run the pain away? Lol, just sayin’. Let me end this post with a boomerang down there. Happy weekend, y’all.

You’re here, always here.

1430997217-girl-thinking-of-him-in-bus-dp-file-www.wallpaperg.comDon’t you know it’s but a challenge?

To keep my eyes shut for a moment?

Don’t you know how deep it cuts?

Each time I see you with mere limits of the mind?

You’re here, always here.

I can see you, it was as lucid as the rain that makes me shiver.

I would then reach out to hold you,

but just like rain, I couldn’t seem to touch you.

Still, you’re here, always here.

You never ceased to disrupt my head.

Like the knight in the movie, my brain did create

like an ache that deepens with the smell of your flesh

like an old photograph that is nostalgic, but less.

What power do you possess?

for appearing in my head that requires no presence?

What spell did you cast?

I need to break it, yes I must.

Because you’re here, always here…

And now I’m clouded with a bunch of fear.



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How are you?

You’re not okay.

Yet you kept on fooling yourself that you are.

You fake that smile without knowing your eyes show nothing but pure sorrow.

You’re in denial of it, because you don’t want people to know you’re in the brink of falling.

You post that selfie in social media to let your followers know that you’re okay.

But little did they know that behind that filter, your naked face apparently shows that you’re on the process of healing.

It’s not even a scar yet.

It’s a fresh wound, it’s still bleeding.

Due to that heartbreak,

due to that love that’s unrequited,

due to the dream that seems so far away,

due to that person who caused you pain,

due to the quarter life or mid life crisis you’re experiencing,

due to being unhappy with your job,

due to not knowing what you want,

due to the envy you feel towards others,

due to the depression you’re going through right now

It’s torturing you but when someone asked you a how-are-you, you always answer them with the I’m-okay lie.

You’re not okay and you even thought about leaving the town or your country and start anew elsewhere.

Didn’t you?

But you didn’t know where to start and you don’t even have the courage to commence a plan of escape.

To escape from reality, from the inevitable adult problems that is so hard to get rif off.

But hey, listen to me.

Why don’t you acknowledge the fact that you’re depressed about something?

Embrace the fact that your skin is wounded upto the deepest layer of your soul.

You are bound to get hurt—whether you like it or not.

Feel it with every nerve you’ve got so you get to know better the kind of pain you’re going through.

Once you find the root of it, pull it out like weeds that need to get cut off, so it won’t fester in other parts of you.

Because you are beautiful and a one single cause of being not okay should never define you.

This time, I hope you learn how to confide in your best friend or whoever it is that you fully trust, be vulnerable with them and share them your inner thoughts, tell them the truth that you’re not okay.

Go to your room or to church or to your favorite place and cry it out loud, release all the tears your eyes are capable of bursting.

Or better yet, write it down. Everything.

You will see a massive change in you once you start being honest with yourself.

Remember, it’s okay to not be okay as long as you’re not in denial of it so you can find a solution for it.

You’re not okay today, but I promise you, as clichéd as it may seem, this too shall pass.

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