eyes that feel, body that aches

Depth. Warmth. Mystery.
Too much. Too much of it. 
Sometimes i feel like I’m going insane.
For questioning—
the how i feel quite intensely
with no proper reasoning.
How the outsides quickly mirror the insides,
how the dreams manifest in real life,
how the symbols contradict
only to synchronize in time;
and how you never seek for signs
but have them knock on your door
way too many times.
How you sometimes deny
the magic and the fire
as it burns you to death
and to be rebirthed with its own light.
Dying and living—and a loop that is never-ending.
The crying to bed at night
and the waking up with swollen eyes that feel its aftermath.
No, I don’t see it.
I don’t see why.
But i was given two sides of the coin of life.
The duality of which, i have to master in time.
No, i don’t see it.
I don’t even get it.
But i was given this depth of feels to be felt,
and maybe not yet to understand
the sudden body signals,
the splenic insights,
and the ancient whispers of light.
No I don’t see it.
But the eyes that feel and the body that aches,
has always been right.

Becoming Who You Are | a dramatic video essay

If you’ve been craving to find meaning and understand yourself more, this video is for you. Knowing who I truly am is something I’ve struggled to understand for years, and coming out of that confusion has set me free and finally, I have put to words my contemplation around self-mastery thru this 8 min video of my own story of awakening. However, I intentionally made it short and metaphorical to not reveal all at once 😉

Click this link below 👇🏻

Way back when i was four

Tears can’t help but fall,

For these wounds I’ve been trying to ignore;

All coming from a wrecked core,

That has been messed up way back when i was four.

That vivid part where i heard i wasnt enough and I wasn’t capable.

“It’s okay… It’s not their fault”

Lines i kept believing all along.

But heavens and hell do know,

How i wanted to blame them for it all.

But the heart, oh this heart, even though torn,

Keeps on choosing to see the beauty of it all.

I need to face this though.

This shadow of blame and frustration

That haunt me each moment i got stuck in this scary dark room of my emotions.

I need to face this though.

And stop performing well in this fake show

Of being okay with this situation.

I need to face this, and gather this black shadowy smoke,

Put it inside a bunch of colorful balloons,

Let go of its strings that i hold,

So they could fly above the sky,

And watch them fly away and become so tiny in my sight.

Looking above, I’d sigh and smile,

For choosing to face the shadow that got me terrified.

And only time, darling, give me time,

I know i will heal, at the right time.

Tears can’t help but fall,

But I’m not holding it in anymore.

A Poetic Message for the Visionaries

a work of art and a work of heart

Recently, I’ve been having this constant visits of ideas that pull me into creating more and more inspirational videos that promote love and authenticity for the most part. This one is a spoken-word poetry entry that I made for the visionaries out there who dream big and are so passionate about life. Hope this inspires you to stay true to what your heart is telling you to do and to embrace your visions without any inhibitions. And please, enjoy the flow of the visual representation. 🙂

Finding beauty. Falling in love.

How odd, it seems. To feel so inlove over and over again. Maybe I don’t seem to learn. But giving up on love has never been my type of game.

What’s more odd is this: I don’t need someone just so i could feel this feeling. I don’t think of no one as i feel giddy just by this knowing—that I’m inlove… that I love life, more than ever. That i now love the face that smiles at me in the mirror every morning. That i accept all the flaws my body is showing. That i embrace who i am and who i am becoming. It’s odd, this knowing. But the oddness of it is what beauty really is. The awkwardness of loving oneself but not feeling guilty about it. There’s beauty in it. There’s beauty, in loving, in accepting, in embracing.

There’s beauty in the most peculiar of things. If you haven’t found it, it’s okay. You just gotta keep looking. ❤️🙏🏻

Note: I find this photo of me so awkward and my poetic prose is also awkwardly written so i think they matched 😜🥰😆❤️


“Connecting more. Moment to moment, moment to moment, slowly breathing in its core.”

Image Source: Pinterest

The cicadas are calling me. Their song is asking me to listen in. As i seek for the meaning of its buzzing, i found harmony and peace. From the perfect sound of its clicking paired with the awareness that thickens and deepens. Connecting more, moment to moment, moment to moment, slowly breathing in its core.

The cicadas are here, to remind us of our calling. To speak our truth and to follow our own life song that directs us from the beginning. The beginning was the word, they say, hence words shall be said. Activating the power of our throat, to say what we mean and mean what we say. To come from a source of authenticity instead of masking. Of vulnerability instead of hiding. Of love rather than fear. No matter how clichéd, I’ll keep using this phrase. For Love is the answer, and in Love, I will never stop believing.

Wrote this after my evening meditation in the woods. Just random thoughts from a quite random mind that needs some quieting thru stillness, silence and mindfulness. 😌