The Psychoweirdo’s charm

Ben was bewildered by the silent scene he just witnessed right before his very eyes. It almost felt like he’s in a movie wherein two girls are about to fight over him, which made him feel a bit proud of himself, that added some dose of pride and confidence in his Alpha soul. He scratched the daydreaming after realising that this ain’t a movie at all, it was real life. His wife Abby is standing right next to his mistress who happened to be a sin he would never regret of committing. Ash has exceeded the definition of perfection—who is gifted with such undeniably seducing soul, with those brown eyes that speaks of lust, a body that shouts of warmth and home, hair that smells of lilies in full bloom and a sweet voice that mimics of Jazz on a sad solitary night. He must be crazy, he thought. Whatever it is, he knows for a fact that a woman like this is almost impossible to even exist, like a gem that can only be found in the dark abyss of ocean and seas.

“What is going on in here? Abby, let’s go home now, I’ll explain everything…” said Ben, who suddenly dropped the paperbag of Japanese food he bought at Yabu Restaurant as he rapidly reached out for his wife’s hands so he can escort her out of the house. But he reckoned it’s not possible, with Abby’s face that threatens of a quick death, by the way her features instantly transformed in mere seconds. A pair of fire emojis replaced her once angelic eyes, at least to his imagination, that made him sweat like he just lifted a 300 lbs of weights, non-stop.

Abby slightly moved back from her standing position as she peered at Ben with sheer rage, then she shoo him away in the most brutal way possible, as he attempts to hold her and lead her out of the house.

“No, i need explanation NOW!!! You fuckin’ tell me what’s going on and why the fuck are you cheating with me and how long has this been going on?!??! Fuckin’ tell me ’cause I fuckin’ deserve to know!!!!!” she stated hysterically, losing all the poise a legal wife should have. She just lost it, she couldn’t help it.

Ash nonchalantly held and opened up her tiny jar by the coffee table that contains sweets and gums and grabbed a strawberry flavored gum she calmly put into her mouth, as she watches this familiar boring movie that’s making her nearly sleepy. She crossed her arms in front of her and leaned her back against the wall as she chews and pops the gum in her mouth, in a sexy manner every man would absolutely get turned on, even just on the chewing act alone. The Psychoweirdo didn’t say a word—her presence is enough to overrule the heated ambiance these overly dramatic Asian people created in her place. Fuck off, she thought.

Ben tried to carry his petite wife like a child, regardless of her violent protest with the act, scandalous cussing and crazy shouting. Notwithstanding Abby’s size, she was able to get off of him as she scratched him hard with her witch-like long nails and as she bit his arm that left a mark that is almost about to bleed. She didn’t wanna lose, no matter how ridiculous the scene she’s creating, she didn’t mind. She needs an answer, Ben needs to choose between her and this whore.

“OK! I will leave this filthy house, but you have to choose between me or your mistress. Tell me, who would you pick? Your wife who have loved you for years or this bitch you barely know?! Tell me! Fuckin’ decide NOW!” she threatened Ben, whilst pointing to Ash, confident enough that he’s going to choose her, ’cause she’s the legal wife, the right owner of Ben.

Ash wasn’t bothered by the wife’s threat, she cared less about losing Ben, but she knows she was the best in bed, by far. She’s thinking hard as she looks at Ben, trying to send a captivating message through her eyes—to stay and choose her. She’s not sure yet, but she wants to be chosen, perhaps it was her ego or maybe it was also because she was truly hooked by this guy’s inexplicable hotness.

Ben didn’t know how to reply, he’s both shocked and frightened. What is he supposed to do now?

To be continued…

Destination Unknown (Part 4)


Ann had me there, she might be my friend but she didn’t know that much about me. No one did except maybe for my ex-fiancé Sylvia, who left me after finding out my secrets. I had no choice, I had to lie about my sister’s existence to keep her safe. The only way to protect her is to put her in my rest house here in Norway. This 500 square meter two-story house was bought by my parents when my father, a Civil Engineer, had a construction project here in Oslo, back in the 90’s. Both floors have two main doors, made from Betula pubescens wood with some strange carvings my mum personally designed being an artist that she is. There’s also an old rusty spiral stairs that connects directly to the second floor that is securely locked for its purpose. Several months ago, when I asked Ann to look over the house (which she happily accepted), I forbid her to go upstairs, as my one and only condition for letting her stay in my house for free. She never asked why anyway but I never realized that she would eventually find out about my sister, that I’ve been hiding here since the cataclysmic death of our parents, April of last year.

“You spoke to her? How?” I asked Ann, with my eyes that forgot to blink and my jaw that has faintly dropped in a haste.

“I didn’t go upstairs as you have told me, I promise!” she exclaimed, raising her right hand like a kid who was proving her innocence over a who-spilled-the-milk case.

“Last night she startled both of us, while my boyfriend and I was watching Netflix, we saw her walking down the stairs looking all scary with her dirty floral dress it frightened the hell out of us!” she continued, then laughed.

“What’s funny?” I replied curiously, my thick eyebrows have almost formed a one V-line now that I’m getting nervous. Did Ann find out about my sister’s peculiar abilities? This can’t be happening.

“Nothing. It’s just a little weird because she said she was worried about you, that I should call you and warn you. I asked her who she is and she said her name’s Agatha, that she’s your sister. I contemplated whether to call you or not but when I was about to, that’s when you called and said you’re flying here so I decided to just tell you about this in person instead.” She said, looking straight to my eye, waiting for my response.

“How long has she been in there? Does she even eat? How come she doesn’t go out? Why are you hiding her there? She looks normal to me, I even find her so attractive although she looked like she hasn’t bathed. I mean like, is she sick?” She asked so inquisitively in a concerned manner all I can manage to do is clear my throat while my head is down and my fingers sway in such a tensed way, cogitating whether to tell Ann the truth or not.

I have lost my parents and recently my fiancé hence I can’t also afford to lose my sister. She’s all that I have now and I love her so much that’s why I have to keep her hidden in this house. No one should know about her, most especially about her abilities. Or perhaps I can make an exception? Should I tell Ann about Agatha? Should I also tell her about the dreams I’ve been having for almost two weeks now?


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This is the fourth part from the writing challenge I accepted that my dear friend Bartek has created. His blog is full of creepy stories that will haunt you like the effect of the books of Stephen King or Paula Hawkins or Gillian Flynn. He’s an exceptional writer and one of the best I’ve seen in WordPress so far. Give this guy a follow and I hope you stay tuned to this thriller story created by a number of bloggers around the world. Should you also want to be a part of it, let him know so he can assign a certain part for you. Thanks for reading!